My main interests in photography are dance, portraits and nudes.

I have concentrated on photographing dance for a number of years, which has resulted in several gallery shows and two books: "Stillpoint, Photographs of Dance," published by Aperture; and "Jumpers," photographs of dancers in the air, which was privately printed and is not in circulation.

Portraits are also a special interest of mine, particularly when the image goes beyond being the simple likeness of a person and describes or intimates something of that person's character.

In photographing nudes I try to do so with some measure of abstraction and without objectifying the person being photographed. There is a nude gallery on this site, and some of the images in the Windows gallery are nudes. Please do not enter either site if you are put off by the subject or are under the age of 18.

In addition, I have photographed clotheslines around the world extensively, and that collection was the subject of one of my gallery shows, and am now working on a project to create images of windows, with and without people.

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